Clean filters are the number one maintenance priority. Dirty or infrequently maintained filters affect your air quality but also are the biggest cause of system failure. We’re frequently asked, “How often do I need to change my filter?” Every house is different. It depends on numerous factors like, whether you have pets or children, whether you live on a dirt road or paved road, whether your home accumulates a moderate or excessive amount of pollen. No matter what, select the best filters. We recommend using a 5-inch filter. It maximizes filtration and air flow — and most popular for homeowners, it only needs to be changed once or twice a year. If your system isn’t built to insert this type of filter, we can easily modify your system to accommodate it.

Maintenance is the key to longevity. If you properly maintain your HVAC equipment, you will prolong its life, minimize costly repairs and experience optimal efficiency. MT Heating and Cooling can guide your understanding and provide a checklist for how to perform your own maintenance or be there for your when it’s best to call in the experts. Our goal is to educate you so you understand how to achieve maximum energy and cost efficiency in your own home or office.

Routine maintenance is included in MT Heating and Cooling’s seasonal checkups. Being proactive will save you money. We inspect your system every six months, clean and replace filters, check for seasonal damage and wear, and keep your system running smoothly. An added bonus to our maintenance call is you have access to a mechanical trades expert in your home twice a year. Take the opportunity to ask us about how your home or office systems function and any other questions you may have!

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