MT Heating and Cooling provides expert inspection of your small commercial and home heating and cooling systems. Whether you have forced air, heat pump, furnace, gas, oil or electricity, we know how to evaluate and maximize your system’s safety and efficiency.

Our unbiased inspection can help you:

  • Evaluate the HVAC system before you buy a new home or office.
  • Check for damage between seasons.
  • Evaluate safety and operational efficiency.
  • Test air quality and air flow to maximize health and safety.

Our goal is that our customers understand their own systems and how best to operate them. We believe in energy savings locally and globally. We’ll educate you without overwhelming you, and certainly, without gouging you. Experience a new approach to HVAC service! We’re an eco friendly, locally owned provider who recycles appliances, cares about our carbon footprint, and prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency. Our number one priority is that you achieve maximum air quality and cost savings.

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